Here at the office of Dr. Darin Alan Bocian DPM, FACFAS, we offer a unique regimen of treatment for all foot and ankle issues and disorders. With a combination of podiatric medicine, surgery, innovative laser treatment, and a state-of-the-art 3D orthopedic scanning, we work with you help relieve your pain, promote healing, and restoring normal, every day function.

If you’ve just recently gotten into running – whether you’re trying for your first marathon or you’re looking to get in better shape – there are a few things you should know. Today we’re got some of the best newbie running tips.

  • Invest in the right pair of running shoes now. There are plenty of show-buying strategies out there that can help you avoid one of the biggest running mistakes and save your poor feet.
  • Pace yourself and be patient – Go for distance rather than time! Slow it down – there’s no competition!
  • Remember! Even when you’re not running, those rest days are training days, too. Make sure you’re recovering the right way.
  • Consider joining a running group. While running solo is many people’s preferences, there are also a ton of benefits to running with a group – especially when you need that extra boost of motivation.
  • Even if you’re just getting out and running for a few minutes every day, make running a habit. This will help your body adapt! Figure out what motivates you and get out there!
  • Gradually build your mileage – don’t push yourself!
  • We know how it is, but don’t dread taking those needed breaks. In fact, when you slow down you’re actually building strength and endurance that benefits your running.