Many problems associated with the feet can be easily managed personally at home with such treatments as ice, heat and perhaps rest. But if relief cannot be found, it may very well be time for a visit to your local podiatrist. This is rather important as foot problems may be the consequence of one of many diseases like arthritis, diabetes and anemia. Schedule an appointment with your podiatrist if you are concerned about the following conditions.

Your nails can be considered a window to your overall health. If you have noticed a change in your nails, it could be due to any number of conditions including trauma, poor circulation or fungal infection. If your nails have become discolored, ingrown, thickened or painful, it is a sign you should see your podiatrist.

The onset of painful calluses or corns could be due to excessive pressure on certain parts of your foot. Your podiatrist will not only remove the offending hard skin, but will also diagnose any underlying cause to prevent them from returning.

If you feel fatigued rather easily after walking around, you may have a condition known as flat feet. Flat feet affects major joints and muscles in the lower limb. An assessment will lead to a treatment plan for your low arches and prevent further injury.

If you experience numbness, tingling or a burning sensation in your feet, you need to see your podiatrist. Diabetes may very well be the cause of these types of symptoms and should be carefully monitored.

If you have struggles with your feet, we offer relief. From toenail treatment to the removal of Plantar warts, our Tucson facility is staffed with people who can help. Schedule your appointment today.