If you’re like most people, you’re probably not monitoring the health of your feet or visiting your podiatrist until you actually feel discomfort or notice something unusual about them. However, if you’re one of the approximately 16 million Americans who suffer from diabetes, taking extra care of your feet is of utmost importance and yet it is commonly overlooked or ignored. Alarmingly, more than a quarter of all of those millions of diabetics will eventually suffer foot problems related to the disease.

Why the feet? Because diabetes affects your whole body, not just your blood sugar levels, and it disrupts your vascular and nervous systems. If a diabetic develops foot issues, they may not even notice it because most lose sensation of their feet gradually over time. That means even a minor injury such as blisters, sores, or scrapes left untreated can potentially become a serious problem. Poor blood circulation to your feet limits the body’s healing process and can lead to infection or ulcers. The skin on your feet can also become dry because of a lack of circulation and therefore susceptible to injury and sores.

Diabetics must also routinely check their feet to prevent any problems or make sure they are not suffering from any conditions they may not be aware of. Wearing properly fitted shoes can also help immensely. Early detection is key because it can then be treated by your podiatrist before it has a chance to become a major problem. If the condition deteriorates rapidly, then amputation may be the last recourse. Because of the many issues that can arise, diabetics are urged to see their podiatrists on a yearly basis.

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