Morton’s neuroma is a benign growth of the nerve tissue that emerges in the foot and is a common and painful condition. A neuroma is a type of tumor that emerges in nerve cells and can develop in different areas of the body. In Morton’s neuroma, tissue around the nerves leading to your toes thickens and causes a sharp, burning pain in the ball of your foot. Those who suffer this condition describe the pain as being like a hot sharp object stuck in your foot. With Morton’s neuroma, you may also suffer numbness as well as stinging and burning in the toes. If you are suffering from Morton’s neuroma, contact your Tucson podiatrist for treatment options.

The onset of this condition could have been the result of pressure or irritation from shoes that were worn too tight. The majority of people who suffer this condition are women who wear high-heeled shoes or shoes with too narrow toes. If you have Morton’s neuroma, an outward sign, like a lump, is very rare, so you need to look for the symptoms and signs. For example, shooting pain in your toes while walking might be a sign of this condition. The pain usually subsides when the shoes are taken off. Your podiatrist may utilize an x-ray, ultrasound or an MRI in the diagnosis of this condition.

Treatment for Morton’s neuroma will depend on several factors including the severity of the symptoms and how long you have suffered the symptoms. Treatment could be something as simple as changing shoes and resting the foot to the addition of arch supports in your shoes to surgery. If you would like to learn more about this condition, feel free to contact us.