Some rather common causes of changes in your toenails include trauma, infection, aging, skin disease and lack of proper nutrition. For example, trauma to the toenail can cause horizontal depressions in the nail plate referred to as Beau’s Lines. If you suffer from any of the following conditions, seek toenail treatment from a qualified Tucson podiatrist.

Fungal nail infection, known as onychomycosis, is infection of the toenail by forms of yeast and fungi. This type of nail infection accounts for nearly half of all nail disorders, thus making it the most common form of fungal nail infections. Though nail infection may occur at any age, adults, and in particular the elderly, are at the highest risk. Fungal nail infection is characterized by thicker nails, discoloration of the nail plate and in some cases, oozing from underneath the nail.

Onycholysis, or nail lifting, is the spontaneous separation or detachment of the toenail from the nail bed. Think of this is terms of raising the hood of your car. The space created under the nail can gather debris and dirt and can become infected. The appearance of the nail may look somewhat like a half moon. Nail lifting can be caused by underlying medical conditions such as pregnancy and thyroid disease as well as some medications like tetracycline.

Frequent wetting and drying of the feet can sometimes cause a condition known as onychoschizia, or nail splitting. Nail splitting may also be caused by nail cosmetics, trauma and certain medical conditions including gland diseases and malnutrition.

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