After those long hours of work or after an exhausting game of basketball you come home, take of your shoes, and sit down and relax. Soon you start noticing a horrid smell coming out of your shoes and then leave them outside to air out. When your feet sweat they create a damp environment for bacteria and fungus to thrive leading to the stench that you smell. If your feet are not kept clean and healthy, the fungus and bacteria can lead to serious feet infections, including athlete’s foot and toenail fungus, which can be very troublesome to get rid of.

The Sterishoe is a new sanitizer that uses ultraviolet rays in order to kill the bacteria and fungus that grows in your shoes. By using the Sterishoe daily you can keep your shoes clean and your feet healthy. How does the Sterishoe work? It uses germicidal ultraviolet light in to kill 99.9% of germs and microbes in your shoes. While some people may feel skeptical about ultraviolet rays and whether it is safe to use them, the Sterishoe comes with many different safety features. In the Sterishoe there are two different sensors, a compression sensor and an ambient light sensor. The compression sensor requires that the Sterishoe is slightly compressed and the ambient sensor detects a dark environment making sure it is safe for the ultraviolet light to turn on. In addition to these two functions two shoe bags are provided in every box to keep in the ultraviolet light. The Sterishoe is a great way to keep your shoes clean and your feet healthy, especially for people that have diabetes and run the risk of developing ulcers that can lead to an amputation.