Do you suffer from flat feet? Do your feet hurt a lot after walking? People with flat feet do not have the typical arch in their feet that most people have. This causes the weight of the body to be distributed differently than those who don’t have flat feet and can lead to knee pain, back pain, and much more. While foot pain after exercise or a long day of work for people who do not have flat feet may seem normal, it could be a sign of bigger problems and could lead to other foot problems. With foot orthotics you can get rid of the pain that your feet are feeling and improve your body’s posture along with alleviating back and knee pains. Orthotics can also help increase your agility and improve your motion control while also correcting your body alignment and absorbing any shock that your feet feel. The orthotics can either be bought over-the-counter at certain stores or you can get them custom made by a podiatrist for the areas on your feet that are feeling the most pressure and pain. There are two types of orthotics, functional and accommodative. Functional orthotics are harder and sturdier so that they can provide the support and absorb shock. Accommodative orthotics are more for cushioning the feet from mild pain from foot ulcers and other foot problems.

Although custom orthotics are more expensive than over the counter orthotics they are made specifically for your feet so that there is a better chance that it can help treat the feet issues that you are having and also relieve any pain your feet or legs are feeling. For people that suffer from flat feet, a custom orthodontic can help get the support they need so that they can walk more comfortably and feel less pain. Orthotics doesn’t just help with feet pain but can also help people who suffer from back pain due to their bad posture and can even improve your balance. Orthotics have even been used by athletes in order to improve themselves. The sooner you start using the orthotics the better you can prevent the development of other foot problems.