Toenail fungus will make your nails look ugly and can also lead to a feeling of pain when you wear shoes. This infection won’t go away unless it is properly treated, so what is the best way to treat toenail fungus? There are many different treatments to choose from, some more effective than others, and some more expensive than others.

Antifungal creams are probably the cheapest treatment method for toenail fungus initially but is also the least effective. You will need to use these creams for an extended period of time in order to truly see results which can lead to you paying for more fungal creams. There are countless different types of fungal creams out there and the much stronger ones are prescribed by doctors. Most of these fungal creams probably don’t provide results fast enough or effectively enough leading to creams being the least reliable of the different treatment methods.

If fungal creams seem too unreliable then there is also the option of antifungal pills. These pills attack the infection but can also lead to severe side effects and can be very expensive. Some risks concerning antifungal pills heart and liver failure and can also interact badly with any other medicine you are taking. While you are taking these pills you will need to be supervised by a doctor just in case certain symptoms arise. As effective as oral medicine can be it is not a cure for long term toenail fungus issues.

At Darin A. Bocian’s Podiatric Medicine and Surgery center we offer the best way to take care of toe nail fungus. The Cutera GenesisPlus laser attacks the fungus at the source by emitting pulses of light that eradicates the fungus without damaging the skin or nail. This procedure is completely painless and only takes about 10-20 minutes, there is also no side effects or risks to using the GenesisPlus laser.