Fungal infections can affect any part of your body. Fungi are usually present around the body along with bacteria. If this fungus overgrows, you are susceptible to an infection. A fungal infection that affects the nails is called tinea unguium. There are indeed several causes of nail infections, and most of them are preventable. There are conditions that increase the likelihood of developing a fungal nail infection including diabetes, a weakened immune system or if you wear artificial nails or swim in public pools.

Nail infection occurs from fungal overgrowth. Fungi love warm and moist environments and it causes them to overpopulate. These type of infections can be transferred merely from contact. Even if you don’t have direct contact with an infected person, you may get the infection from emery boards or nail clippers that are shared with others. Due to the fact they have poor circulation and their nails grow at a slower pace, the elderly are at the highest risk for infection.

An infection may affect part of one nail or it may affect several nails. There are visible signs to look for if you think you have an infection including scaling, white or yellow streaks on the nail, flaking and crumbling nail corners. However, the only way to confirm an infection is to see a doctor.

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