If you start to notice lumps on the tops of your feet, there’s a possibility you may have bone tumors. There are several different kinds, but the most common are benign types known as the osteochondroma and the osteoid osteoma. Both of these are nonfatal, but they can be painful, due to either the tumor itself or soft tissue swelling. These kinds of bone tumors most often are seen in males during their 30’s and 40’s.

As far as treatment is concerned, it all depends on the severity. If no symptoms exist, frequently the tumor is just left alone and monitored. Monitoring is performed with either x-rays or more technologically advanced imaging systems such as an MRI or CT. Monitoring also takes place periodically, as it’s important to note and respond quickly to any changes. However, if symptoms are severe enough, surgery will take place in order to remove the tumor. Depending on the tumor location, a patient may need to stay off that foot. The surgeon will send a sample of the tumor to the pathology lab to check for any abnormalities. Additionally, in order to maintain bone integrity, the surgeon will also fill in any bone deficits with bone substitute.

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