About 1 year ago (Apr. 2017) I sought your help to find a solution for the
pain in my right foot.  I am an avid walker/hiker (5-7 miles/day) and the
pain in my foot shortened what I could comfortably do.  It hindered
shopping, cooking in my kitchen, and recreational activities because I would
simply have to get off my feet to alleviate the pain.
The pain was aching soreness and often turned to numbness in the third and
fourth toes.  It would draw the toes under in a constricting, throbbing
feeling and ultimately become so intense that I’d just have to sit down.

I’ve had 16 laser treatments and most of my symptoms have gone away.  I
would say I am 85% improved. There is a feeling that there is something in
that area of the foot, but it no longer causes the pain and discomfort it
once did. I’ve resumed all the activities I used to do and never have to
stop because of foot pain. I feel the neuroma is still there because there
is a sensation of fullness, or something foreign in the area, but it no
longer causes pain.

I am really satisfied with the treatment.  Being able to do all that I enjoy
doing is wonderful!  And the fact that the treatment was non- invasive was a
great bonus and I would recommend this treatment to others.

Thank you, Dr. Bocian, for your caring, compassionate, and effective
treatment and giving me back my active lifestyle!

Ann L.
Oro Valley, AZ