Prior to laser treatment, I could not exercise, walk with my family, and was unable to enjoy social events. Standing for more than 10 minutes would mean I had to sit with my foot elevated for hours. I tried arch supports, multiple cortisone injections and had two surgeries for the same neuroma. My previous podiatrist had given up on me.

During the laser treatment, I experienced slow but steady improvement and my symptoms of pain and electrical sensation gradually decreased. Now, my pain is gone especially in the area of my stump neuroma. I have an occasional twinge of pain when I have overdone my exercises but no longer experience any tingling, numbness, electrical sensations or pain.

The laser treatment has allowed me to resume my daily exercise and I was able to join my husband for new classes in Tai Chi and QiGong which emphasize shifting weight from foot to foot. My social life has also improved as I am no longer focused on my foot pain.

I am extremely satisfied with my treatment and would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone suffering with neuroma pain. Thanks Dr. Bocian for giving me my life back!

Barb R.
Tucson, AZ