After suffering with intermittent sharp and burning pain from Morton’s Neuroma for 1 1/2 years, and seeing a podiatrist who gave me a cortisone injection and expensive orthotics, from which I had some but fleeting relief, I was referred to Dr. Bocian for laser treatments.

I have a large bunion on that foot but was not a candidate for surgery because of osteoporosis. Since my symptoms became progressively worse even with orthotics, wide, open toed shoes and decreased walking, I consulted with Dr. Bocian re laser treatments.  Encouraged by the positive feedback he has received from his clients and his testimony, I had 10 laser treatments and my pain is 95% better. The expense was totally worth it and I had no down time.

The quality of my life has significantly improved. Now I’m able to exercise and walk without pain. I have no restrictions to my usually activities.  I have a medical background (RN for 35 years) and would recommend this treatment for all having pain from a Morton’s Neuroma.

Barbara Q.
Tucson, AZ