Before my laser treatment for Morton’s neuroma, I couldn’t bear any weight on my left foot without pain. My daily exercise of walking 1 mile and using my glider and stationary bicycle was agonizing and left me in pain the rest of the day. It hurt to wear socks and shoes.

I had 2 surgeries for Morton’s neuroma and multiple cortisone treatments and my previous podiatrist offered no solutions to my pain.

As a retired nurse, I was skeptical about laser treatment and its efficacy. After laser treatment, I was able to resume my daily exercise without pain and experienced a 75% improvement in pain level overall.

I do experience an occasional twinge of pain if I overdo the exercise and once in a while an electrical sensation in my foot.

I am extremely satisfied with my results and feel like I got my life back. My mood is improved and I have resumed most of my activities. I am totally satisfied with the results and would recommend this treatment for anyone suffering from Morton’s neuroma!

Barbara Ramutkowski
Tucson, AZ