J. Symmers, 11/11/13

I approached Dr. Bocian when I could barely walk because of pain in both feet. Dr. Bocian told me I had Morton’s neuromas. He injected cortisone a total of three times for each neuroma. The cortisone worked on the left foot, but I still had intrusive pain and burning in the right foot.

Dr. Bocian suggested I join his study to measure the effect of lasers on neuromas. After Dr. Taljanovic at the University of Arizona Medical Center verified a large neuroma in my right foot was present, Dr. Bocian arranged laser therapy on the 4.6 mm neuroma.

After seven applications of laser therapy, I had another round of imagery showing the neuroma had shrunk considerably. I am able to walk up to 6 miles a day and do dance aerobics with the neuroma causing no pain and no burning. I am grateful to Dr. Bocian for giving me the opportunity to avoid surgery. I feel I can recommend the laser therapy to my friends.