Prior to seeing Dr. Bocian for my Morton’s neuroma, which I’ve had for at least 28 years, I experienced frequent aching and shooting pain through my toes. Often, when I would walk or turn on my feet, it would feel like an electric shock, with the pain radiating to my toes. It was difficult to walk, and I went through periods when I couldn’t wear certain shoes, or even walk barefoot. Even athletic shoes were painful.
My primary care physician sympathized, but told me there was no treatment. I tried several different orthotics, and threw out more pairs of shoes than I can count. Physical activity was painful or not even attempted.
A co-worker told me that her daughter had laser treatments for a Morton’s neuroma, and I started Dr. Bocian’s laser treatments in April, 2016. The first treatment did not change my symptoms or pain level, however, subsequent treatments gradually reduced my pain. I did have dull aching following some of the treatments, but that usually subsided by the next morning. Aside from that, there was no down time. I walked out of Dr. Bocian’s office and drove to work or home after each treatment.
After receiving the recommended 10 laser treatments, my pain level had decreased by about 65 to 70%. Dr. Bocian is very dedicated to this procedure, and his patients, and he told me he wanted me to achieve an 85% reduction in my pain. He offered to give me additional treatments at no charge. I ended up having 16 total treatments. Prior to the last treatment, my pain had decreased by approximately 78%. Two weeks after the 16th and last treatment, I commented to my husband that I could not believe how good my foot felt.
I just had my follow up appointment one month after the last treatment, and my pain has been reduced by 85% to 90%. I do have slight numbness in 2 of my toes, but that is nothing compared to the pain I experienced for 28 years. The remaining 10% pain is occasional tingling, and perhaps a dull “click” while practicing yoga.
Dr. Bocian’s laser treatments have totally changed my outlook on physical activity and quality of life. However, I will still wear my “comfort” shoes, because I don’t want to do anything to cause the neuroma to reoccur.
I am very satisfied with the care I received from Dr. Bocian and his staff. I must also note that Natasha, the laser technician, is wonderful. She and Dr. Bocian genuinely want to help their patients feel better.
Tucson, AZ