Prior to laser treatment for Morton’s neuroma, I was very painful in the mornings when I first got up and walked, I seemed to get a small amount of relief after I was up and walking around some. When I would first walk in the morning, the pain was at a 9 level. Also during the day when I would get out of my truck my first steps were painful. It was getting a bit scary thinking this would stay this way.

I contacted my primary doctor and had nerve test done, came back normal, then had foot x-ray thinking maybe I had a broken bone, the pain was that intense. Came back nothing broken he then suggested arch supports went to Good Feet (what a rip off super expensive and they took full advantage of my discomfort assuring me this would make it better) NO, didn’t help.

Then my doctor finally referred me to Doctor Bocian, He gave me a shot of steroids after determining what I most likely had was a Morton’s Neuroma. And sure enough the pain was gone in 15-20 minutes. Went back to see Doctor Bocian and he recommend the laser treatment, I agreed and I had my first treatment.

All you feel is some heat and a burning tingling to the area that is treated. The treatment is non-invasive and only takes 10-15 minutes out of your day.

After around 7-8 treatments it was clear to me it was working, we stopped after 10-11 treatments and my pain was 80-85 percent gone.

Now it’s been a month or two later I can tell you it is still improving. I barely notice it when I get up now in the mornings. And I don’t notice any pain at all during the day.

I would recommend this treatment to anyone of my family members or friends. It is by chance my doctor referred me to Doctor Bocian. By saying that, I mean this needs to be available to anyone that had the pain I did before treatment, so all patients have access to it.

It improved the quality of my life, truthfully I was scared my foot wouldn’t get better, it made my back hurt (incorrect posture) and effected my attitude (in pain all the time)

I am 58 years young again and very active individual. Super satisfied with the results.

Thank You

Chris L.
Tucson, AZ