I was referred to Dr. Bocian by my primary care doctor in November 2015 due to having constant pain in my right foot and numbness in my 2nd and 3rd toe. I was unable to walk barefoot and while driving I had to constantly be moving my foot in order to get the pain to disappear. I described my symptoms to Dr. Bocian and he thought it might be Morton’s Neuroma. He took a sonogram of my foot and found the exact spot where my pain was coming from. I tried a cortisone injection which gave me relief for about a day and then I was right back to the same pain.

In January, I decided to begin the laser treatment because I didn’t like any of the other options: surgery or cortisone. Dr. Bocian warned me that I might not feel any relief in the beginning but by the 4th treatment, I was already noticing the numbness in my toes had disappeared and the sharp pains were less prevalent. I have now completed my 9th treatment and can honestly say that I am experiencing great improvement (90%). I am able to walk barefoot and have even been able to wear shoes comfortably that I was unable to do before this treatment.

The treatment is so easy. 10 weeks in a row and about a 15 minute hot laser treatment which causes very little pain. Dr. Bocian always meets me first and pokes at my foot to mark where the pain exists. Natasha, his Medical Technician administers the laser treatment. She always takes time to explain what she is doing. After the treatment, I can put on my shoes and go about my daily routine with no thought of pain.

I met with Dr. Bocian on my 9th visit and mentioned that my left foot is really beginning to hurt compared to my right foot (before this both feet had the spiking pain, but my right foot was worse.) Dr. Bocian did a sonogram on my left foot and found the same thing. I plan on having this same treatment for my left foot once I’m in town for a consecutive 10 weeks.

I am so relieved that Dr. Bocian had this suggestion for the pain in my feet. I would recommend this treatment to anyone with this condition- in fact, I have done just that.


Cindy L.
Tucson, AZ