I am thrilled to report that almost two years to the day after completing my last treatment for Morton’s neuroma, my right foot is still fully functional and pain free. In my opinion, the series of laser treatments was a complete success.

When I was first referred to your office I suffered from intermittent yet frequent recurring sharp burning pain on the bottom of my right foot. On a scale of 1-10, my pain was an 8. It prevented me from walking long distances, running, and bike riding. I often experienced severe pain using the accelerator pedal driving my car. It was unbearable.

I’d had these symptoms for a couple years. A cortisone shot provided relief for a few days but the pain returned.

After 10 treatments which were completed in April of 2016, I was 100% pain free and today I still am. My foot feels and functions perfectly normal. I’ve been able to exercise regularly, I’ve lost weight, and my overall health has improved greatly. The treatments were a game changer for me.

I’m extremely satisfied with the treatments, which have been a long-term success. I would definitely recommend this treatment to others suffering from Morton’s Neuroma.

Damian F.
Tucson, AZ