As a patient of Dr Bocian I would like to say I am very happy with the results of treating both a Morton’s neuroma & planter fasciitis of my right foot. I had two Morton’s neuroma (second & third interspaces) since about 1990.
In 1992, I had the neuroma in the second interspace surgically removed. I was a public school teacher and rancher and very physically active. Being saddled to a cast for several weeks was to say the least, inconvenient and hampering. I decided no more foot surgeries.
The other neuroma continued to hurt and in 2015 I developed planter fasciitis. I was sent to Dr Bocian who told me about the laser treatments. First we did a steroid shot in both the neuroma and the heel. They lasted about 4 months and then I had pain again. I decided to do the laser treatments.
1. The price was very reasonable.
2. No walking boot from open surgery, also no scarring.
3. No laid up time. Go and do as you please. The best part is it worked.
It has been a month since the end of treatment and my foot is better now than it has been for 20+ years. Probably about 95% better and improving. Very pleased.

Darrell M.
Tucson, AZ