First, let me give you a little history of how my story begins. I have been doing a lot of hiking these last few years, especially in Catalina State Park on the park’s many trails. It got so that the pain in my left foot, next toe over from my baby toe, was so sore that I found it so painful that I could hardly hike, I thought at first it must be a corn, or something like that. I bought Sholls foot pads, etc., but nothing worked. I made an appointment to see Dr. Darin Bocian on October 3, 2014 and was diagnosed with Morton’s Neuroma. He recommended that I have laser treatments, which I thought was an excellent idea. He said even surgery does not always work and recovery after surgery can be long and painful.

I want to explain that I have a mechanical heart valve and take a blood thinner and because of that, any type of surgery is a big deal and not to be taken on my part lightly. Now after 11 laser treatments (the last one was January 7, 2015) I am 98 to 100% recovered. I can hike just as far as I want to without any pain. This would never have happened if I had not seen Dr. Bocian and had the laser treatments. I, without any hesitation whatsoever, would recommend this treatment to all of those that have Morton’s Neuroma.

Dick K.
Tucson, AZ