In December of 1990, I had surgical incisions performed on the 3rd metatarsal interspace of both my left and right foot to remove neuromas. In December of 1991, I had another neuroma removed from the 2nd metatarsal interspace of the left foot. As a life-long resident of Pennsylvania, my surgeries were performed by and excellent physician, Dr. Lawrence Levine. When the original surgeries were performed, I was informed that sometimes, a stump neuroma may develop at some point in the future. It was not until 2006, after moving to Arizona, that I began experiencing pain in my right foot.

On October 24, 2007, Dr. Bocian removed a neuroma from the 2nd metatarsal interspace on my right foot. At some point in 2014, I returned to your office because I was experiencing pain at the 3rd metatarsal interspace of my right foot. It was an obvious “stump neuroma”, a remnant from my 1990 surgery.

You informed me that surgery was not an option so I agreed to have a series of alcohol sclerosing injections, which did provide a significant improvement for quite a while. In early 2015, I scheduled an appointment as the neuroma pain had returned and caused significant discomfort once again.

At that time, I had a diagnostic ultrasound at the University of Arizona Medical Center that confirmed a 4 mm Morton’s neuroma (3rd, right intermetatarsal space), in addition to plantar fascial fibromatosis. At that time, I opted to have a series of laser treatments from March 2015 thru May of 2015. At the time of my last treatment, I was asked about my pain level, which did not seem to be alleviated; so a follow-up ultrasound was not completed.

Within several months, however, I began to notice that I no longer had any pain in my right foot. As I told you on Thursday, June 9th, I no longer experience pain in the area where the stump neuroma was treated with laser. I can only surmise that it took me sometime to actually reap the benefits of the treatment. Although, not a pleasant procedure, I would recommend having this procedure to others who suffer with stump neuromas. I consider the treatment “highly effective”.

Thank you for your continued research in this area.

Donna Z.
Green Valley, AZ