I am compelled to write this email to thank you for the treatment you prescribe and then performed on my feet.
When I first met you I was in intense pain. The best way to describe it was as if I was walking bare footed on large jagged
Rocks. This was the pain I felt no matter what shoes I was wearing. At the time I was being seen at the Veterans Clinic for treatment.

They were testing different foot pads. So I would come back every month and then try something different. You on the
other hand knew exactly what to do. The laser treatment that you gave me started to heal my pain more and more with each treatment.
After the laser treatment was finished you suggested that I request the VA fit me with custom orthotics (to save me some money),
and have the VA remove a toe nail on my right foot and an ingrown nail on same foot all as money saving suggestions.

The cortisone that you administered on my last visit did the trick.

I now have my shoe inserts and recently went to Universal Studios and walked all over the place and mentioned to my wife that
Under your care my feet received nothing short of a miracle. I’ll will always be grateful.

Eugene Surma
Tucson, AZ 4/15/14