I was experiencing debilitating pain from Morton’s Neuroma: intermetatarsal neuroma. I had tried the wider shoes, pads, shots, and off-the shelf orthopedic devices with no success.

My PCP recommended that I consult with Dr. Bocian. I had never interacted with a podiatrist. I reluctantly scheduled an appointment thinking I was facing a surgery I had learned had questionable results. I was surprised and delighted to learn I was experiencing the knowledge, skill, and understanding care of a top tier physician who has the medical knowledge, intellectual rigor and scientific curiosity to explore, experiment and develop ‘cutting edge’ technology based on diagnostic and treatment methodologies.

Dr. Bocian has developed a diagnostic ultrasound methodology for identifying the nature and severity of the neuroma and tracking his treatment progress.  Dr. Bocian has also developed a U.S. patent pending treatment technology using a GenesisPlus laser. Through the use of his methodologies I experienced pain relief, healing, and a restoration of normal function. As a scientist and engineer I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of and to benefit from Dr. Bocian’s willingness to push the boundaries.

Gary B., PhD, CPE
Tucson, AZ