Nearly a year and a half after my laser treatment for Morton’s Neuroma in my left foot, I am doing great.

I suffered with severe off and on pain and that balled up sock feeling for 15-20 years. I had several cortisone injections. I belong to several re-enactment groups and if I marched in a parade, I would be limping by the end and suffering for days and weeks. Since the treatment, I have marched in 3 major parades as well as a 5 mile re-enactment hike (full packs) through the back trails and brush from Tumacacori to Tubac, with no problems other than normal achy feet.

I would say that my improvement is in the 80% range, I do have a bit of that balled up sock issue and some aching if I am on my feet too long, but nothing like before.

I would most certainly recommend the treatment to all.

Gerry L.
Oro Valley, AZ