My name is JoAnn C.; I am a 69 year old woman. I was diagnosed with a Morton’s neuroma many years before I met Dr. Bocian. I was first told to get orthotics as my first line of defense. They helped for a while but soon my pain was back. I went to a podiatrist and began cortisone shots. They helped and after three I was told my next step would be surgery.

I asked for another opinion and was sent to Dr. Bocian on Jan 08, 2014. He confirmed my neuroma and suggested a new laser treatment. I was informed this was not FDA approved but I decided to go forward with the treatment which ended May 02, 2014.

My neuroma has been eradicated. I have no pain and I feel it was a miracle.

Now two years later, I found myself on a trip to Hawaii and as I was walking around it came to me how two years before this would not have been a pleasant experience. I would go back to the hotel and have severe foot pain. Now I have none. It really has been wonderful. I can only hope that the FDA approves this treatment so more people can be helped.

JoAnn C.
Marana, AZ