I have been jogging for over 40 years and being a speaker on my feet continually. Over the years I have been in foot pain and started with orthotics. When the pain increased I finally went to a podiatrist and was diagnosed with Mortons neuroma. He treated me with cortisone shots and told me the next step would be surgery. I was told that it may not work and would set me back six weeks of recovery.

I wanted another opinion and thank God was sent to Dr. Bocian. He informed me of an incredible opportunity of laser treatment on my neuroma. I am a gambler and didn’t hesitate to jump right into treatment. After 12 treatments with Dr. Bocian and his assistant Natasha, I now can jog, stand for hours and sleep all night and all without pain. In fact, my neuroma is 95% gone. Thank you Dr. Bocian and Natasha because of you I hit the jackpot!

JoAnn C.
Tucson, AZ