Prior to laser treatment for Morton’s neuroma, I experienced terrible burning sharp pain under my toes and the top of the ball of my foot.  Had tried inserts, even cortisone injection which worked for a time but the pain got worse.  I eventually got to where I could not go to the grocery store, church, shopping or anywhere that I would have to stand and walk.

After my first laser treatment, I left the office and stopped at the grocery store and wanted to dance around the store when I realized my foot was not hurting.

Following laser treatments I would say my neuroma pain is 95% GONE.  Occasionally there will be some slight burning more in my toes but it doesn’t seem to stop my activities.

Laser treatment has completely changed my life.  My husband and I actually canceled a vacation because I knew I could not walk.  But not anymore!!

I am completely satisfied and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND laser treatments for Morton’s neuroma.

Judy S.
Tucson, AZ