February 6, 2015
My Morton’s Neuroma symptoms started a few years ago, beginning with bent toes and a tingling, burning sensation on the bottom of my right foot. Dr. Bocian treated me initially with cortisone injections, which worked well for about a year each. Then the symptoms intensified and I felt like I was walking on a marble. Over a few months time, I was limping badly, causing pain in the left knee and leg. I started actually calculating how many steps I could avoid in daily activities.

In October, I saw Dr. Bocian and asked what we could do short of surgery so I could recover quality of life and normalcy of movement. He told me about his laser treatment and I began the course of 10 immediately. After treatment no. 2, I felt 95% better.

I feel privileged to have been in Dr. Bocian’s care and offered his new application of laser technology for Morton’s neuroma. I believe he will make headline news in the medical community for this win-win solution for so many of us with foot problems.

Kathy T.
Tucson, AZ