In November of 2015 and April of 2016 I received treatments for my Morton’s neuroma on my right foot. I had two of them, and they were one beside the other on my 2nd and 3rd interspaces.

At the time I was unwilling to undergo any surgery as I had recently undergone a spinal fusion and thought that my body was somewhat compromised.

When Dr. Bocian initially talked about the laser treatment, I really thought it was nonsense and that I needed a different kind of medical treatment, injections or medications.

I did receive an injection, but it didn’t reduce the pain. So, I very reluctantly agreed to laser therapy. Twenty sessions! It was aggravating that I had to pay for it out of pocket and spend so much time at a medical office.

It is now three years later. Not only do I not have pain, I have no issues with my foot. It’s as though, I had not ever had the neuromas. I was very skeptical, and since I have a long-term medical relationship with Dr. Bocian, I allowed a procedure that I couldn’t imagine would work. I’m so glad I did. The quality of my life has greatly improved and I would recommend this treatment for anyone.

Leslie K.
Phoenix, AZ