When I initially consulted Dr. Darin Bocian about treating a painful Morton’s neuroma in my right foot with his novel laser treatments, I was honestly only hoping for mild improvement in my symptoms. Prior to the laser treatments, I had 3 cortisone injections in my foot, all of which provided only moderate and temporary relief. To say that I was thrilled when my foot was 100% better after 10 laser treatments with Dr. Bocian, is a gross understatement. “Curing” the pain in my foot entirely was a result that was beyond my expectations! After my treatments, I was able to fully resume my running and exercise program pain-free. I appreciated Dr. Bocian’s enthusiasm during this process, and I am especially grateful to him for permanently treating my neuroma without surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Bocian’s laser treatments for anyone who is suffering from pain in their foot related to Morton’s neuroma – it definitely worked for me! –

Marisa H. Borders, M.D., Assistant Professor of Medical Imaging at the University of Arizona & Medical Director of Banner University Medical Center Breast Imaging Center
Tucson, AZ