When I first came to see Dr. Bocian, I had severe, constant pain in my left foot from a “stump” neuroma.  Walking and standing were extremely painful.  It was too painful to walk barefoot.  Finding shoes that were comfortable was nearly impossible.  Sleeping was also difficult because the pressure of the bed against the side of my foot caused throbbing pain.

I had seen another podiatrist, who gave me a cortisone shot, and said there was little else he could offer.  The shot did not give me any relief.

After I began Dr. Bocian’s laser treatments, I began to gradually be relieved of the severe pain.  My husband noticed that I was no longer limping.  There is a very temporary burning pain occasionally during the treatment, but no pain after the treatment.  This is not an invasive treatment, no downtime for healing, and if I were not retired, I could have easily returned to work after the treatments.

Even after the treatments were over, I continued to improve.  Most days now I have no pain, or occasional minor pain, but not the debilitating pain from before the treatments.

I am extremely satisfied with the laser treatments, and would without any reservation, recommend this treatment if you have neuroma pain.

I am ready to resume hiking again!

Marsha S.
Tucson, AZ