Dear Doctor Bocian:

I am so satisfied with the treatments that you are providing for my Morton’s Neuroma that I would like to make the following statement.

I recently completed my ninth laser treatment for Morton’s Neuroma which had been causing me pain and some restrictions in my movement in Dr. Bocian’s office. Previously I went to another podiatrist for this condition and they had given me cortisone shots which had little or no affect on my condition. Then they recommended surgery which has no guarantee to correct my condition. My primary care doctor recommended I see Dr. Bocian who had a new procedure that had a high rate of success for the Morton’s Neuroma condition. It was non-invasive, pain free and after the procedures I walked out of the office with no difficulty. After these 9 treatments I am 85% to 90 % better then when I started. They worked for me!!

Thank you Dr. Bocian

Mary R.
Tucson, AZ 05/29/14