On September 14, 2016 I visited Dr. Bocian because I was having extreme pain in my left foot.  It was painful walking, standing and even as I sat.  I had had to restrict or eliminate my daily activities, such as shopping (grocery and retail), cooking, housework and other typical day to day events.  Standing or walking on a bare floor was unbelievably painful.

After an examination and conference with Dr. Bocian, Which confirmed a Morton’s Neuroma, I decided that I would have him attempt to eliminate or mitigate my problem through the Cutera GenesisPlus YAG laser treatment.  Prior to this specific treatment and over a twenty year period, I had had several steroid injections, physical therapy, specialized orthotics, insertion of a spinal cord stimulator to lessen the pain in my foot and three surgeries.  One of these surgeries was to remove a Morton’s Neuroma.  None of these approaches yielded a permanent result.

On September 16th I began laser treatments.  Although the treatment could be somewhat uncomfortable at times, I never found it painful.  Recovery from the laser began within an hour of leaving Dr. Bocian’s office and I was able to resume my activities.  I have gradually, over the course of ten weeks, been able to walk normally and my pain has been reduced about 85%.  Some of this pain reduction occurred subsequent to the ten treatments.

The laser treatments have definitely improved the quality of my life.  Unfortunately, I am also experiencing pain from two “hammer toes” on the same foot.  This is obviously a problem for another day.  The laser treatments have drastically reduced the pain in that area and I am more than satisfied with those results.

I would highly recommend this treatment for Morton’s Neuroma.  I am grateful to Dr. Bocian for this treatment and am thankful for the very competent laser application by Natasha.  All of the staff are outstanding.

Peg M.