My left foot for almost a year was causing me severe discomfort. I could hardly walk, it felt like pins and needles under my foot, below the toes. It caused me to have difficulty in every day activities, such as just walking around my house. I was not able to take walks with my husband or go thru the mall, it was awful.

Finally I went to Dr. Bocian’s office, advised him of my pain under my foot and I wanted relief !

Dr. Bocian after examining my foot and doing an ultrasound told me I had a neuroma, he advised me of several options, shots in my foot, surgery, and then he advised me about laser treatment for Morton’s neuromas. I knew I did not want surgery and did not like shots, so after he elaborated about the laser treatment and also advised me it was “painless”. I thought about it and agreed to get the laser treatments.

I have gone thru 9 treatments so far, and am I impressed. WOW….I can actually wear shoes I haven’t had on my feet for over a year, I can now walk barefoot around my house without pain, it is wonderful, I am so thankful that I had the privilege of having Dr. Bocian as my podiatrist who has the knowledge and capabilities of offering to me the laser treatment for my neuroma.

Sandy W.
March 31, 2014