I was diagnosed with a neuroma in the summer of 2014. I was seen by two podiatrists and went through a variety of treatments; cortisone shots, prescription anti-inflammatory drugs, orthotics, icing and resting my foot. None of these treatments resulted in significant relief from my foot pain. My next option was surgery to remove the nerve.
I heard about Dr. Bocian from a co-worker whose daughter had received the laser treatment for her neuroma. I decided to see Dr. Bocian in order to determine if I was a candidate for the laser treatment instead of going directly to surgery.

Prior to the laser treatment I was unable to walk without pain in every step even with orthotics. I could not stand for long periods of time or jog/run/ walk fast. I could not walk barefoot at home. I had to ice my foot every day when I got home from work and take OTC anti-inflammatories.
I noticed improvements in my pain levels while walking beginning at about the 3rd laser treatment.
I have received 9 of the 10 scheduled treatments and I am about 90% free of neuroma pain. I no longer need to ice my foot on a daily basis. I can wear dress shoes that I had had to give up. I can walk/jog without pain. I can walk barefoot without pain.

I highly recommend the laser treatment as an alternative to surgery. My life has been greatly improved by this treatment.

Stacey R.
Tucson, AZ