I have been battling a searing pain in my right foot for over 2 years.  I thought it was something like plantar fasciitis, and tried inserts and NSAIDS for over a year.  Finally, I went to my first podiatrist who diagnosed a Morton’s neuroma, and he injected it with the usual local anesthetic and steroid.

A Morton’s neuroma feels like you’re standing on a very hot marble sized pebble, and has different degrees of searing pain if there’s weight on the foot or not, but it was always painful for me and especially if walking, driving, or bending my foot.

The initial podiatrist visit gave me some relief for about 4 months, then it returned. I again saw the same podiatrist who re injected it.

This time the relief lasted only about 2 weeks.

I thought, maybe I’ll try a different podiatrist who could cut it out, and researched and ended up seeing Dr. Steck in Tucson.  He took a look at me, told me how unsuccessful surgery was on those type of neuromas (they grow back even worse most likely) and said “there’s a podiatrist who is trying out a laser technique, you should try him”.

So I met Dr. Bocian.  He used an ultrasound machine to visualize the neuroma (no one had done that yet to me) and explained the procedure very well, and reiterated what Dr. Steck had said about surgery having a poor outcome usually.  Dr. Bocian explained the laser technique, which would soften and decrease the size of the neuroma. The treatment would consist of 10 weekly office visits, and each office visit would consist of a palpation (to pain) localization of the neuroma and a laser treatment, lasting approximately 30 minutes and pain free. The laser treatment felt like a very warm foot massage.

He did warn me that I would not feel much improvement until after the 5th treatment, and he was correct.  I estimated from before any laser treatment I had 90% pain and after the 5th or 6th treatment I felt a noticeable lessening of pain, to about a 50% pain at this halfway mark of treatment time.

After the 10th treatment I had virtually no more foot pain.

Then, about a month after treatment was completed, I walked in some non-supportive shoes and I felt some ‘twinges’ of the same old pain.  Dr Bocian informed me if I felt anything return to come back for more treatments.  He and his laser technician Natasha kindly saw me for another visit, and now I can say I’m 100% pain free.

This innovative, affordable, non-invasive treatment not only removes foot pain due to Morton’s neuroma, but also there is no down time as in the case of a surgical procedure.

I would heartily recommend Dr. Bocian and his laser therapy to anyone suffering from Morton’s neuroma.

His treatment was so successful for me that I now forget that I ever had a foot problem.  I went from constant foot pain to pain free, which improved my quality of life tremendously.

Thank you Dr. Bocian,
Stacie C.
August, 24th 2017