I would like to comment on my right foot, Morton’s neuroma laser treatments conducted in 2014. It has been some three years now and I am pleased with the results of the treatments.

Previous to my visit to your office I had seen other area podiatrists where I had received a number of cortisone injections as well as being consulted for possible surgery, orthotics etc. all to no avail.

As the neuromas continued to affect my quality of life I decided to seek another opinion where you examined me with ultrasound explained the findings, possible solutions and recommended trying the Cutera Genesis laser as an option.

I forget how many treatments were conducted but to date, my neuroma pain and discomfort has been eliminated. I do feel a slight, mushy soft tissue area behind and between my toes but there is no longer a nodule as previously felt. All previous symptoms have been alleviated and I am completely satisfied with the laser treatment.

I would highly recommend the laser treatment for Morton’s neuroma.

Steve D.
Tucson, AZ