Let me begin by telling you how pleased I am that my Morton’s neuroma symptoms have virtually disappeared after my ten laser treatments at Dr. Bocian’s office.

My symptoms prior to treatment were burning toes and incredible discomfort. It was so severe at times I would have to lift my foot as I taught, or pull over to the side of the road to take off my shoe as I drove. I had trouble walking my dogs because the burning would sometimes become unbearable. It was very discouraging! When I couldn’t stand it any longer I decided I needed to see my podiatrist, Dr. Bocian.

The first visit I had, Dr. Bocian gave me a cortisone injection. He had mentioned that they don’t always do the trick. (It didn’t) At that visit Dr. Bocian suggested laser treatment and mentioned that several patients were having success with this form of treatment on neuromas. I knew I did NOT want surgery. After a few days, when I realized the injection was not working, I decided to try the laser treatments.

I began with the laser treatment and I would say my pain level was at 8-10 depending on the activity of the day. After about the 4th treatment I was cautiously optimistic because the burning sensation was dissipating. I was afraid to get too excited about the possibility that this laser treatment would actually work.

As of today, I have finished all ten laser treatments and am able to everything I had been able to do prior to the neuroma pain without ANY pain at all. I never have the burning sensation in my toes any more. I rarely have any symptoms at all. If I do have a symptom, it is so slight I don’t really notice it at all. No burning, no numbness, no discomfort! I would say the laser treatment has decreased my level of pain 95%-98%.

This laser treatment has definitely improved my quality of life. I am extremely satisfied and would recommend this treatment to anyone who is suffering from Morton’s neuroma. It really works! I am now able to hike, walk my dogs, teach, and do all of the activities I did prior to my neuroma pain. I am very glad I did this laser treatment.

Thank you Dr. Bocian!

Susan C.
Tucson, AZ