I came to Dr. Darin Bocian on the recommendation of a friend who knew he was using laser to help people who had a Morton’s Neuroma. I had suffered with pain and cramping from a Morton’s Neuroma on my right foot for several years; sometimes the pain was so intense I would have to stop my car, remove my shoe and massage my foot long enough just to be able to drive home. I decided I had suffered long enough so I was willing to try this new laser treatment offered by Dr. Bocian.

During my first appointment Dr. Bocian took a sonogram of my foot, showed me the Morton’s Neuroma, gave me the details of his laser procedure and the wonderful results he had so far in treating patients with this condition. I was sold and set up my 10 treatments that day.

At each appointment, Dr. Bocian would come in and poke at my foot, mark where the pain still existed and then his wonderful Medical Technician, Natasha would come in and administer the laser treatment. My time spent in the exam room were minimal yet very relaxing as both Dr. Bocian and Natasha are very pleasant, warm people who show they care for their patients.

After my 9th treatment, I spent 2 days at Disneyland with my grandchildren and experienced no pain at all. A few days later, I walked on the tile floor in my house with bare feet (which I had not been able to do in years) and once again-NO PAIN! I asked myself why did I wait so long to have this done?

I highly recommend the laser treatment by Dr. Darin Bocian for anyone suffering from a Morton’s Neuroma as it is a simple, highly effective treatment that will give you relief from the debilitating pain you experience with this condition.


Virginia G.
Tucson, AZ