I wanted to give feedback on the success of my treatment of Morton’s neuroma on the right foot:

  1. Prior to the laser treatment, the intermittent burning pain escalated to a 9 of 10 when I was on my toes with exercise or dancing or within ¼ mile of riding my bike up hill. I also had pain with any shoes that were not wide-toed shoes. When the Morton’s neuroma became more aggravated, I had difficulty finding comfortable shoes and it affected my ability to walk.
  2. I have been quite active and the pain caused me to have to stop and get off my foot when exercising or dancing. When biking, I had to put a pad in between my 2nd and 3rd phalange when riding bike. I never knew how long I could ski. If my foot was aggravated I had to take breaks for days at a time from exercise. I was unable to dance at times. I decided to stop clogging since that was felt to aggravate the pain.
  3. I have had these symptoms for at least 8-10 years.
  4. I attempted to wear wide shoes and sandals, arch support devices (good feet, professionally made orthotics) which helped to a minor extent. At its worst, I tried a walking boot and a skooter to try to get off my foot, though more recently it hadn’t been as debilitating.
  5. Following laser treatments, the pain has substantially improved. I still wear wider shoes but can go without arch supports. I can ride bike up-hill without wearing a foam pad. I can dance without problems for the most part.
  6. The improvement is rated at 85%.
  7. I have occasional pain after a long night of dancing or several miles of riding bike up-hill.
  8. I continued to improve following treatment and now have stabilized.
  9. My foot was my limiting factor before treatment. Since undergoing treatment, I feel my foot does not dictate my activity. My quality of life has improved significantly.
  10. Following completion of laser treatment I have extremely satisfied with the results.
  11. I would definitely recommend this laser treatment for Morton’s neuroma.

Wendy Greer, MSN, RN
GU Nurse Navigator
The University of Arizona Cancer Center