I had pain on the bottom of my foot for many months. This pain is best described as nails piercing the bottom of my foot with every step. It got so painful that I couldn’t run on the treadmill and had to limit my walking.

I was seeing Dr. Bocian for an ingrown nail and mentioned my pain.

Dr. Bocian examined my foot and explained that it appeared that I had a Morton’s Neuroma, and sent me for a full ultrasound.

Dr. Bocian’s preliminary analysis was correct, I had a Morton’s Neuroma. Dr. Bocian explained that instead of doing surgery, a non-invasive procedure through laser was available. What followed was about 10 weekly visits with improvement each time.

Natasha did most of the weekly laser treatments, and she was so patient and nice. I have a hectic work schedule, but the office staff was wonderful in making sure I got in. It has been a few months since my last laser treatment, and I am back on the treadmill!

Thank you so much Dr. Bocian, Natasha and the entire staff!

Wendy H.
Tucson, AZ