May 13, 2014

Just a quick thank you note. As you know I received the laser treatments (3)
to help the nail fungus on my big toes about a year ago. I have been amazed
by the effectiveness of those treatments. While the treatments do produce a
little pain during application, that pain is totally gone before I left the

Within 2 months of the first treatment, my nails both showed a 50%
improvement. Within 2 months of the second treatment it was clear that both
nail beds were growing back in a perfectly normal fashion (NO FUNGUS!!!)

I did receive a third and final treatment at about the six month point in
treatment. The cost for treatments was included in the single initial fee. I
have been totally amazed and more than 100% satisfied by the results of
these treatments. As you can see by the before and after pictures of toes,
there is now at least one thing normal about me!

Thanks – Marty Beckey