Allen Elvick 02/12/14 —
I am writing to relate my experience with the laser protocol treatment of plantar fasciitis. I was talking to a friend of mine regarding problems that I was having with plantar fasciitis. I was doing all the usual recommended things to treat the painful condition including stretching, icing, nasids, shoe inserts, and wearing a splint at night. None of this seemed to be working…She indicated that she had been a patient of Dr. Bocian and had received a laser treatment for plantar fasciitis and had experienced complete pain relief after 3 treatments.

I am a somewhat skeptical person but my do it yourself standard treatment as indicated above was not working over a period of 5 or 6 months and I was reluctant to try any invasive treatments like surgery or steroid injections. I was skeptical but decided to give the laser treatment a try. I noticed a small but definite decrease in pain within a week of the first treatment. A more noticeable improvement after the second treatment and after the 3rd treatment, was pretty much back to normal. I had some pain with the first few steps but the pain resolves after being up and around for a few minutes. I am now able to be back the normal activity of walking 2 miles per day, working outside doing yard maintenance, preparing the garden, and being on my feet 6 or more hours a day. I feel like the whole treatment protocol of laser treatment, stopping NSAIDs, with continued stretching exercises has been a great success. Thanks to Dr. Bocian and his staff for a great job….Allen Elvick