I’m a nurse who works long 12 hour shifts. I began having pain in the arch and heel of my right foot a year and a half ago. As time went on, the pain got increasingly worse. The pain began affecting my daily life. I had spent hundreds of dollars on shoes, pain creams, and over the counter orthotics with no help. I finally went to se Dr. Bocian and was given all options from orthotics, laser, and surgery. Surgery was not an option for me due to cost and down time. I opted for the custom orthotics and laser. The price was much more affordable and no down time! I will admit that I was a little skeptical about the laser at first, but I trusted in Dr. Bocian that this will work. By the time my treatment coarse came to an end, I was amazed how well the laser worked! I am now back to doing the things in life that I had stopped doing because of the foot pain. I owe Dr. Bocian and his laser technician Natasha a huge thank you!

Amber L.
Tucson, AZ