I had laser treatment for Plantar Fasciitis. Here are my results

  1. Please describe the symptoms of your plantar fasciitis prior to laser treatment.
    My symptoms were sharp pain when I walked and pain when I stepped out of bed in the morning. My pain was constant–could not do the activities that I had previously been doing.
  2. Did your plantar fasciitis interfere with activities of daily living or quality-of-life?
  3. How long have you had these symptoms?
    Several months – continued to worsen
  4. Mention previous treatments prior to laser treatment including any injection(s), physical therapy, shoe modifications, orthotic devices, surgery, etc…
    I did the exercises, the frozen bottle of water, I wore the elastic bandage, I had a cortisone injection (which really hurt!), I bought different shoes, and I got custom orthotics and not much was making it feel better.
  5. Describe improvement following laser treatment.
    The day of my first laser treatment I played nine holes of golf without pain!
  6. What % of improvement have you achieved following laser treatment?
    100% I don’t have any problems with the Plantar Fasciitis
  7. How frequent is the pain, if any, following laser treatment?
    No longer occurs
  8. Describe your current symptoms now, if any, following laser treatment.
    No pain – seems to be gone
  9. Has the laser treatment improved the quality of your life?
    YES! I went back to my normal activities
  10. Following completion of laser treatment for plantar fasciitis are you:
    Extremely satisfied and I have recommended the treatment to many people
  11. Would you recommend this laser treatment for plantar fasciitis?
    Definitely YES!

Brenda S.
Tucson, AZ