Thank you for treating and curing my two bouts of planter
fasciitis using laser treatments.

I developed planter fasciitis about a year ago on the right side near the heel of my left foot. It was very painful and being a tennis pro having to be on my feet a lot made things much worse.

The usual treatments like the boot and compression sock did not offer much relief. Dr. Bocian recommended laser treatments on a weekly basis. I started to get relief after the sixth treatment. After treatment number twelve the pain was over 90% gone and I was able to play tennis running hard again.

Also the orthotics you made for me were very helpful. After two weeks of playing hard tennis, I developed another case of planter fasciitis this time on the left side near the heal of my left foot. Again very painful.

I started laser treatments again on a weekly basis and again after about the sixth treatment the pain had started to subside. By treatment twelve the pain was 95% gone. I am able to play and teach tennis and run as hard as I can with no pain.

In conclusion, I feel that the laser treatments I received from Dr. Bocian has cured my planter fasciitis without having to go through cortisone injections or in the worst case surgery.

Also throughout the treatments, I was able to be on my feet teaching tennis.

Thank you for treating me and curing me with the laser. I believe this method will work for most people as it has worked for me especially being as active as I am and being 63 years old.

Louis Klinger
Tennis Director, Omni Tucson National Resort, Tucson, AZ