I want to tell everyone that the laser treatments that I received at Dr. Bocian’s Office by Natasha Gaganova, LMT, for plantar fasciitis in both heels, has given me the relief I need to enjoy my retirement!

I had endured painful feet for more than 10 years because I did not know any better. Last year my primary care doctor, Dr. Gurinder Singh, referred me to Dr. Bocian to determine what my problems were. Dr. Bocian diagnosed that I had plantar fasciitis in both feet. He professionally designed and prescribed bio-mechanical shoe inserts. I got some relief but I needed and wanted more.

Then Dr. Bocian prescribed cortisone shots in my heels. Over a period of approximately three weeks, I received two shots in my left heel and I tried one in my right. These painful shots provided temporary relief but I needed and wanted more.

Dr. Bocian said that he could operate on my foot but I would have to be off my foot for at least three weeks and then in a ‘boot’ for an additional three weeks. This would be for one foot at a time. In the same breath he told me that this operation may or may not help me. I need and want relief.

Seeing that I was hesitant and did not want to be hassled with these restrictions, Dr. Bocian told me about a unique treatment regimen for plantar fasciitis. He explained that his office provides an innovative laser treatment and therapeutic massage to relieve my pain, promote healing, and restore everything back to near normal function. This treatment could be done on both heels at the same visit.

I must preface this testimonial by saying that the rating of the pain that I experienced is subjective. After the third treatment I noticed approximately 30% less pain but it was less pain in my heel. As the treatments progressed, the pain became less. After the tenth and final treatment on both feet, my pain was at least 98% gone!

Thank you, Dr. Bocian, you have allowed me to enjoy my retirement!

Ray O.
Tucson, AZ