I would like to thank Dr. Bocian and his staff. I have Plantar Fasciitis and I had went to a Dr. in my home town for it and he gave me a cortisone injection, it didn’t help so I returned and he gave me another one; they both were so painful I didn’t go back. I suffered for a few months and one day I mentioned it to my daughter and she told me a friend had a Dr. there in Tucson so I got his name and called immediately and made an appointment. My first visit with Dr. Bocian he told me no shots and no surgery, that sounded good to me.

I could barely walk when I went into his office, every time I took a step it was so painful. He does five laser treatments and after the third laser treatment I could actually walk without pain for the first time in months. I did the recommended five laser treatments and then I opted to do another five and I’m pain free now. I would definitely recommend anyone having problems with their feet to go see Dr. Bocian. Again a big thanks for the pain relief!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Greatly Satisfied Patient!!!!!!!!!

May 25, 2014