The intent of this letter is to give recommendation for Dr. Bocian of Tucson and the YAG laser treatment he used on my plantar fibromatosis (commonly called Lederhosen Disease). I had done research and discovered that this disease had no treatment options. That is a hard fact to swallow, especially if it got worse. I was referred to Dr. Bocian by the physical therapist in my chiropractor’s office as he was treating her husband with good results.

The results of foot surgery in June, 2015 (not performed by Dr. Bocian, unfortunately) created a cascade of foot problems, one of which was the growth of one lump on the instep of each foot that Dr. Bocian diagnosed as plantar fibromatosis through palpation and ultrasound imaging.
The growth on my left foot was small and not painful, but the growth on my right foot was larger and there were several pairs of shoes and slippers that worked well for the rest of my foot but caused pain when I walked due to the fibroma on my left foot. The pain was moderate but I avoided my favorite shoes/slippers due to this pain.

In December 2015, I started a series of tem treatments in his office with the “hot” laser. They were performed by his very professional and nice tech assistant, Natasha. I was very nervous and worried about the pain of a “hot” laser prior to stating treatment but Natasha was really careful to stop whenever I said it was getting hot. I became very relaxed during the treatments.

After ten treatments (I went twice a week), I can hardly find the small fibroma on my left foot and the one on my right foot is so much smaller and softer that I never feel It no matter what shoes I wear. In addition to the laser, a cream created by Dr. Bocian was used to augment the laser and I was told to apply it twice a day at home. I can’t admit to being very rigorous with my home application but obviously, the treatments worked anyway.

With the other foot problems and pain that I have, it is so nice to not have pain in my instap also. And it relieves a log of worry because I know if it reoccurs, I have found a treatment that works.

I highly recommend Dr. Bocian and the YAG laser for the treatment of plantar fibromatosis because it worked for me.

Barbara M.
Tucson, AZ